Selling My Home

Selling My Home


Selling My Home

Albert specializes in selling homes that other brokers couldn't sell AND offers a "Guaranteed Home Selling System".  No more getting false information without getting your home sold.

Why List With Albert

If you are in the market to sell your home in the Los Angeles area, you'll want to interview the most dynamic Realtors in Glendale, La Canada, Burbank, La Crescenta, Pasadena and surrounding towns!  Albert Hairapetian and his team are experts in these local areas.  They know what it takes to get a home sold and can guide you every step of the way.

Albert and his team have been ranked among the TOP 1% for nearly 2 decades.  As a licensed real estate broker, an Economics graduate from UCLA, voted #1 Real Estate Agent in Glendale for the Millenium as well as a Star Power Star and speaker, Albert has been featured by not only the California Association of Realtors, but by the National Association of Realtors as well.

He has also trained and helped thousands of Realtors across the nation excel in this business and has been recognized as one of the leaders in the industry.  The Arbitrage team has the experience and knowledge to get your home sold at top dollar, no matter what the news may report about the real estate market.  In fact, while many home were being foreclosed during our last down turn, Albert sold over $67,000,000 in just one year -- and only 1 of them was a short sale!

Albert and his team of specialists will guide you through the entire process and offer critical tips to consider if you are thinking about selling your home.  

Want to see what some of his sellers have to say?  Just click here to see what Albert's clients REALLY feel about him and his services!


The Process:
At our listing consultation, we first walk through your home together, and I will advise you how to prepare your home for the market. Sometimes pulling up old carpet or a fresh coat of paint can hugely increase your profit. If appropriate, I will recommend a stager to really maximize your profits. CLICK HERE to read our recent article on staging your home.

Here are Six Important Tips BEFORE You Put Your Home On The Market for Sale.

During this consultation, I will give you all of the information and statistics that you need to gain a clear understanding of the market in your particular neighborhood, discuss timing, and go over a personalized marketing, pricing, and timing strategy  to get your home sold quickly and for the best price possible.

When you list with me, you also get my team of tech- savvy marketing admin who make sure that my listings get full exposure with the realtors AND with the buyers on and off line. My clients will tell you how my targeted internet, community videos, and social media marketing campaigns stir up tremendous activity for my listings, creating a Seller’s Market within a Buyer’s Market. This combined with a strong pricing and staging strategy bring my clients the most that the market can bear. No single realtor without a team of specialists can possibly do what we do for you!



Just as you found me on the web, I get an astounding 25,000 to 35,000 hits, and 4,000 to 5,000 visits PER WEEK at When we sit down together I will explain how I make this happen  Immediately after listing your home, I will send out a broadcast email announcing your listing to the 7,500 people who’ve signed up to receive my Latest Listings, plus a separate one to the local realtors inviting them to the Realtor Open house and inviting them to send their buyers to the public open house that Sunday.

No one buys a home without being sold first on the community. What sets me apart from other agents is that I create a community around each of my listings.  

Our listings are found on Google,,,,,,  Zillow,  Facebook, Trulia and all the other sites that they syndicate to, such as Listhub.  This ensures you can not POSSIBLY be missed on an internet search.

My listings bring in an average of 55 new registrations a week  (aside from the Mickey Mouse leads), mostly relocation, as my website is easily found in the search engines by relocation buyers searching for a home and a top Realtor to work with.

VERY IMPORTANT: At Arbitrage, the listing agents get the calls on their own listings, unlike traditional companies where the “floortime” person, who may have not seen your house, gets the call.  We train each one of our agents to sell YOUR home when the call comes in -- not just any home.  Let's face it, they're calling about your home.  We host a Realtor Open House for all of the local Realtors the moment we go live on the MLS.  We also host a Public Open house (if appropriate) the following Sunday and you can read more about that process here.

Our team then immediately contacts the key Realtors who may have Buyers for your home to spread the word fast and create excitement.  We also email them the property brochure as well as the unbranded links to your tour and interactive floorplan so they can forward your property on to their buyers without being concerned about their buyers contacting us directly.

We are constantly looking for ways to improve and seek constructive feedback.  We have 3 ways of getting feedback after showings.

Each Realtor has a different communication style so we try all three. You be kept informed every step of the way.


We have one of the best photographers in the industry on stand-by to showcase your home.  He uses wide angle photography and spends nearly 3-4 hours on a single photo shot.  They are brilliant photographers while bringing out the BEST in each of our listings.  They make sure to showcase your home in the best possible way, even ensuring outdoor shots with blue skies -  sometime even returning to retake that perfect shot in perfect weather!   Thereafter, our marketing team spends countless hours on Photoshop in order to put your brochure together.  

In addition, since we do so much marketing, we decided to start our very own printing company --  Doing so has benefited our clients immensely as we are in full control of production, time and of course print quality.  We know that timing is everything in real estate and have developed the luxury of monitoring and utilizing our own printing services.  We also have a few hundred Realtors that utilize our printing services in order to gain the same quality print as we provide our clients. 

We also have virtual slide shows and interactive floorplans of your house created, which automatically gets linked to  When someone clicks through to your home's page from Trulia, Zillow, etc... they will see the beautiful showcasing of your home with our Professional wide angle lens photography.  We've actually sold homes sight-unseen from the photos alone!

You home will be added, along with it's virtual tour, interactive floorplan, downloadable property brochure and still photos, to the instant listings section of this website, which will also be sent to, trulia, zillow, craig's list, and every other key real estate website as mentioned before, so you home can't possibly be missed in an online home search.  Our property brochures are professionally written and a set will be provided to you at your home for potential buyers.  Your property brochure is also attached to your listing on our website, like this, so potential buyers can view and print it.

Your home is also added to the I-Tech Multiple Listing Service.  We will add all our professional photos and any unbranded virtual tours to the listing so that agents can email them to their prospective buyers.

If appropriate (not mandatory), we will also hold an Arbitrage Power Open House and have an incredible targeted marketing campaign to ensure that the qualified buyers come.  We have also gained a great deal of publicity for our Arbitrage BBQ Open Houses, where we literally hold an open house grilling burgers and hot dogs!   Check out each of these videos to see how "different" we do things in order to get you the most optimal exposure imaginable.


As your advocate, I will be with you every step of the way.  In fact, it's not uncommon for my clients to even contact me as late as 11:00 p.m. in the evenings.  Basically, if you need me, I'm here for you every single step of the way.  I promise to negotiate fully on your behalf and advise you every step of the way.  I will help you bullet-poof your transaction to minimize your risk.  Best of all, we also have an in-house attorney (my brother, Victor Hairapetian), who overlooks everything.  To top it off he has helped me prepare additional seller disclosures to further protect you (that's not typically offered as an additional safeguard by most brokerage firms)!

Our towns are high in demand, and I'm still selling homes the first weekend as long as they are priced right.  With the interest rates as low as they are, buyers who have been waiting to jump into the market are out there now, and although price conscious, they're jumping on the homes they fell are nice and view as a great value.

Ask me or any member of the Arbitrage Team ANY question about listing and selling your home or property.  Or request a free consultation on how we would customize a marketing plan for your home in Glendale, La Canada, Burbank, La Cresenta Pasadena and surrounding towns.  

There's no obligation, and I promise we will get back to you shortly.  
You can either reach me at my office 818-244-2939, my cell 818-522-8898, or email me privately at