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Here we GROW again... Alex Melkonian just joined our team!

by Arbitrage Real Estate Group

Arbitrage welcomes Alex Melkonian!

We're thrilled to announce the newest addition to our team. Alex is a bright & enthusiastic student at the University of Southern California (yup, that's a Trojan in a Bruin household).

He is currently in his last stretch of acquiring his Business Administration degree with a concentration in Finance and has a fascination with all things that have to do with real estate. He is determined to revolutionize the interactions between all Arbitrage agents and their clients.

Alex's ambition is shown through his insatiable desire to modernize the home buying & selling process for everyone. Alex just "gets it" and you'll know what I mean the moment you meet him.

Welcome aboard Alex!

The FREE Arbitrage Moving Truck just got even better!

by Arbitrage Real Estate Group

The Eagle has Landed!!!

I’m proud to introduce you to our new and improved “100% FREE to borrow” Arbitrage Moving Truck for all our Sellers and Buyers!!

We have helped many clients use our trucks and vans for years now as it’s one of the small ways we say “thank you” for using us.

We’re excited about our latest design and look forward to countless number of moves in the future. Call us anytime at 818-244-2939 to reserve your next move!

Hot off the Press - Glendale Real Estate News -- Check out our new look and design!

by Arbitrage Real Estate Group


We're excited about the release of our latest newsletter for a number of reasons.  For one, we have completely changed the entire look while incorporating insightful information about what's happening with the real estate market throughout Glendale.  We hope you find it informative, educational, and welcome you to participate in any of our exclusive events throughout the year.


Click here to read all 4 pages.

Get an instant home evaluation with ALBERT'S HOME EVALUATION TOOL!

Making Real Estate Real Rewarding -- both short and long term!

by Arbitrage Real Estate Group

I'm excited to be invited by the Glendale Association of Realtors to speak tomorrow morning at the Vertigo Club about real estate.

I'll be sharing some personal examples and experiences on how real estate has not only been exciting on the brokerage level, but also how rewarding it has been on the personal level as well -- both short and long term.

I purchased my first property in 1998 and have not stopped since then while experiencing an exciting adventure for nearly 2 decades now. It's never too late to be investing and I'll be sharing some of the tools and resources which have helped make this journey rewarding, safe, and best of all, fun -- no matter what market we're in! I'll be sharing the "Buy and Holds" along with the "Flip and Repeat" practices that have worked for me whether investing in SFRs, multi-units or even commercial.

Sorry, this is a REALTOR ONLY event and I'll be zipping through some advanced and technical content fairly rapidly because of timing constraints. I promise to deliver some awesome information with you while looking forward to catching up with each of you tomorrow morning. I'll be more than happy to answer any questions afterwards as well.

If you're NOT a Realtor, and would like to establish your own real estate portfolio, I'd be delighted to share some of these insights with you as well -- it'll just have to be at my office.

See you soon!



Glendale Homeowner fires his Realtor to seek results!

by Arbitrage Real Estate Group


When Ken originally called me, he was pissed off! 

He had placed his home on the market with a Realtor that was unfamiliar to the Glendale market.  For nearly 2 months, he didn’t get a single offer.  Even worst, he didn’t really get many showings at all.  While all his neighbors were thriving selling in this market, Ken would go home angry and disappointed each day. 

Everything changed once he listed with Albert!  

THE RESULT:  The team at Arbitrage knew they had to roll their sleeves up on this one, especially since there was a history of this home not selling.  Not only did we list it for practically the same price as the previous Realtor that was unsuccessful at getting much traffic, we actually tracked down the perfect buyers and sold it too!

Best of all, Ken had a very smooth escrow, had the home sold in its AS IS condition while happily moving onto his next home with his entire family without ever looking back.

We thank Ken for putting 100% of his trust in us and congratulate him on his recent sale for $975,000!

Albert Hairapetian


Retired Loyola Law Professor Goes After Albert

by Arbitrage Real Estate Group


When I first met Harry Zavos (a retired Loyola law school professor and board member of the Glendale Coalition for Better Government), I was amazed on how sharp and methodical he was -- especially at his age.

This gentleman had spent years fighting the city over illegal energy rate increases and in February, he ultimately helped win a settlement in favor of the people for $57 million dollars!  You could read the LA Times Article HERE.

Harry was all about getting the job done.  He knew the right person can make all the difference.   When he decided to work with me, I was not only flattered, I was actually kind of nervous since I really wanted to impress this guy, along with his entire family.

He had a nice Spanish home on Mountain (a busy street); however, this home didn't quite have a backyard -- a challenge I was faced with.  Also, the home was in need of upgrades and he wanted to get it sold for $850,000 in its AS IS condition.  Not a penny less.

A few days later (4 to be exact), Harry accepted an offer just over the list price and began planning his move.  Two days later, the buyers decided to CANCEL ESCROW!  Harry was ticked off, confused and angry about the whole situation.  He thought about cancelling altogether especially since most people think "your first buyer is your best buyer".  We simply told Harry to sit tight and put 100% faith in us and our system.  HE LISTENED!

THE FINAL RESULT:   We continued with our Home Selling System and generated 2 more offers.  On the 10th day, Harry was presented with an offer of $875,000 which was substantially higher than the first offer that fell apart.  He immediately accepted and proceeded with whatever I recommended.  We had an absolutely smooth escrow and the property sold without a single hiccup.  Best of all, the buyers lender was even ready to fund their loan even prior to Harry's move out.

Harry was excited to have an unanticipated $25,000 wired into his bank account on closing day.  We were also excited to see such results for a man that put his entire faith in us.

Thanks again for helping us with another Record Sale.  Also, thank you Harry for putting 100% of your trust in me and my team!

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The Sellers of 1416 Greenbriar Road Got Exactly What they Deserved!

Glendale sellers get an extra $105,000 and set a NEW RECORD! from Albert Hairapetian.

When Panos and Angie called our office, they were very nervous about selling 1416 Greenbriar Road.  They had owned the home for over 40 years, had decades of memories out of this home, and were about to part ways and join their grandchildren in San Diego.

Their house was just under 2,000 square feet with only 3 bedrooms and 2 1/2 baths.  We had discussed pricing it aggressively at $1,095,000 with the hopes of selling it AS IS without any headaches.

THE RESULT:  A short while later, we found them a buyer that purchased the home for $105,000 more at $1,200,000 --- ALL CASH.  Best of all, the home was NEVER on the market.  Greenbriar sold for over $600/ft. -- a record throughout the entire street's history!  To top it off, we even had others buyers in our "standby" list that were interested as well.

I thank Panos & Angie for putting their trust in me and the entire Arbitrage team.  I wish them farewell and best of luck in their new home in San Diego.  I also congratulate and thank our new buyers for their recent purchase and wish them decades of enjoyment as well.

Thanks for helping us with another record sale!

Albert Hairapetian
Arbitrage Real Estate Group
3500 N. Verdugo Road |Glendale, CA 91208
818-244-2939 Office | 818-522-8898 Cell
CalBRE#01213318 & 01305995


Watch the video we created for 1416 Greenbriar Road.....

Greenbriar Gem in the Glendale Hills from Albert Hairapetian.




Ugly Wallpaper gets sellers an extra $55,000!!! --- Viewer discretion is advised.

by Arbitrage Real Estate Group
Viewer Discretion is Advised
This listing was so ugly, it never even made it to my website. 
Just wait till you read what happened once I listed it!

Want to see your home with Albert AS IS as well??  CLICK HERE to get started! 
When I was first presented with this Woodland Hills property, the owners were thinking of spending nearly sixty to seventy thousand dollars just to make it presentable.  This home was small, was located in a good district and had great neighbors.  When I told them, "Let's sell it AS IS" they thought I was NUTS.  They were "embarrassed" to say the least, and they thought that there would be no way of getting $595,000 for this home in it's current condition.  Look at the wallpaper and kitchen for crying out loud.
THE RESULT!!!   We had a total of 7 offers and ended up getting an extra $55,000 -- selling this COMPLETE FIXER for a whopping $650,000 in only 7 days!!!  It would have most likely not appraised, but guess what?  We found an ALL CASH buyer that took it just the way it was without a loan.
It gets even better.... the next highest offer we had was only $607,000.  Talk about slick negotiating. 
It only takes one buyer folks!  With the Hairapetian Home Selling System, we nailed it once more --  this time in an area that I'm not too familiar with either.

If you're thinking of selling, the timing (literally) doesn't get any better!   A great majority of our homes are selling "AS IS".  Yours can too!
CLICK HERE to see what your home is worth in this crazy market!
Talk to you soon! 

‚ÄčAlbert Does It Again...

We would like to congratulate Virginia on the recent sale of her property in the Glendale Hills for $1,165,000!
957 Pebbleshire Road is located in the Greenbriar area of Glendale. It was tucked away in a private cul-de-sac and had a great flow throughout. We've sold a ton of properties in this area and expect to have more in the months ahead. Click here to see what's currently available in this area!

Thinking of selling or buying this year. Call the guy who makes it happen!

Click HERE to get an instant valuation of your home!

Albert M. Hairapetian
Arbitrage Real Estate Group
818-244-2939 Office
818-522-8898 Cell




When Phil & Linda Deidone were ready to sell their home at 615 Whiting Wood Road, they had decided to call Albert especially since this was the fourth transaction this family was about to have with him.  They knew they had a great home and they felt that $865,000 was a reasonable price at the time.  Upon hearing this figure, Albert told them, "You're out of your minds!  The market is crazy right now and you should get at least an extra $20,000!"

Astonished, they took his recommendation with a lists price of $885,000.  

In only 4 days, they not only got a full price offer, Albert was also able to get an extra $20,000 pushing the final sales price to $905,000 ($40,000 higher than what they were originally considering).

During the inspection, the buyers had also made a series of requests for repairs which would have amounted to nearly $8,000 - $10,000.  While most negotiate, Albert held firm and was adamant that the property was being sold AS IS and that the home was being transferred in the same exact condition as of the date of acceptance.  The buyers agreed and the rest is history.

Escrow has closed, Phil & Linda have packed and moved and the new buyers have taken possession.  We thank Phil & Linda for putting 100% trust in Albert Hairapetian and his proven system which has helped many families benefit from this market.  In this case, Phil & Linda were able to have an unexpected $40,000 wired straight to their bank account in addition to the remainder of their proceeds.

If you're looking to sell and would like similar results, simply CLICK HERE to get started.

Thanks again Phil & Linda (also, thanks Robert for referring us to your amazing sister)!!

Albert & The Arbitrage Team

Displaying blog entries 1-10 of 152